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Debt Repayment Tracker

Debt Repayment Tracker

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Struggling to keep on top of debt repayments? Use our debt repayment tracker to stay on track!


  • Track your monthly repayments for up to 4 different debts
  • Select the currency you’d like your tracker to display (£, $ or €)
  • See your how close you are to paying off your debt with a progress chart for each
  • Includes two calculators:
    • Calculate how long it’ll take to pay off a debt based on repaying a certain amount each month*
    • Calculate how much you’ll need to pay each month to pay off your debt in a certain time period*


The tracker is an Excel document. You will need a valid Microsoft 365 account in order to use the tracker. Please make sure you have one before purchasing as this item is non-returnable.


When you purchase the document you can either download the document immediately from the checkout screen or you will receive an email with a link to download the tracker. There will also be a PDF containing instructions on how to use the tracker.

Please ensure you save the document as the download link will not remain valid indefinitely.


This document is available in three colour themes: ‘Dark Theme’, ‘Light Theme’ and ‘Classic Theme’.


The ‘Debt Repayment Tracker’ document and its content are copyright of Nebula97. All rights reserved. The document is subject to copyright under UK law and is intended only for the individual who purchased it. You may not, without Nebula97’s express written permission distribute or commercially exploit the content. Nor may you transmit it.

*We are not financial advisors. All decisions made regarding debt repayments are your own and we cannot be held responsible. Please note this tracker does not take into account any interest you may receive on your debts when calculating repayment amounts or time frames.

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